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About GaryBaker Dev

Gary Baker developments is a modern internet design company focusing on bridging the gap between the business and its clientele.

All designs are done by Gary Baker, a 21 year old student studying Website Development at yoobee school of design in auckland city, New Zealand. During his time there he has learned many different skills including front and back end development. Covering all aspects of the design process.

You can see more about Gary bakers' work through his website including what programming languages He is familiar with. You can also contact him there, or fill out a form to get into contact with him for if you need any questions answered and he will respond in 5-10 business days

App Development with Gary Baker

The app “Shake A Quote” is great for all in this app are 2,000+ quotes by many people all over the world and have many different genres of quotes like:

* Motivational Quotes,
* Speech Quotes,
* Goal Setting Quotes,
* Leadership Quotes,
* Life Quotes,
* Imaginative Quotes.

These Quotes come from people of popular natures or who are positive thinkers and are inspiring leaders for example:

* Steven Jobs,
* T.E. Lawrence,
* Martin Luther King Jr.
* John Lennon,
* Emma Watson.

All of the quotes you will find in this application have been hand-picked from many quotes read and received so you will not be at all disappointed from the quality of the chosen quotes.

Website Development with GaryBakerDev

Gary Baker is skilled in both:

Front end (appearance)


back end (coding and maintenance)

Design. Fluent in html, css, javascript, jquery, php, python. Ensuring that any vision can be achieved. By combining His ability to grasp your vision and turn it into a reality with his ability to make fast, beautiful websites, Gary Baker can bring your vision to more people in ways few others can.

Whether you are a small business or a private practitioner, Gary Baker excels in pairing your particular needs with a package that will meet your needs while not breaking the bank, understanding the key to your vision and the ways to make it yours.